How to Start your First Online Business with Private Label Products

How to Start your First Online Business with Private Label Products

There are unlimited opportunities when it comes to starting your own business on the internet or making money from home. Recently private label products have become very popular for entrepreneurs who wish to start a new business from the comforts of their home. These are products manufactured or supplied by another company, usually located in another country like China, but are packaged by the person who came up with the idea and then sold off to customers worldwide through websites like Amazon. This can be a wonderful opportunity for your first online business. Let’s find out how to start such a business in a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Choose a product to sell

This step requires a little research on Amazon to find a product that catches your eye. You should be on the lookout for a product that is popular among consumers with a high best-selling rank. You can also check out the reviews to gauge the popularity of a particular product.

Step 2 – Find a supplier

Visit sites like Alibaba to find a supplier or distributor of the product you just chose on Amazon. There could be many sites and a good number of suppliers. So, spend a little time on this step to choose the best one out there with the lowest possible wholesale rate. You can negotiate the price even further so that if your product is successful, there would be huge profits to make in the long run.

Step 3 – Design your logo and packaging

Your first online business using private label products requires you to design your own unique and original logo as well as packaging so that you can give your newly manufactured product a brand name. You can get in touch with freelance designers at Fiverr or Upwork and have a logo designed professionally. Similarly, packaging can be designed and ordered online without spending a lot of money.

Step 4 – Create a seller account on Amazon

There is a program by Amazon called Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA, which allows the sellers to simply send the package to the distribution centre and the rest of the work is handled by Amazon that includes packing and shipping to actual consumers. This is one attractive program that makes this first online business of yours very simple and easy to manage.

Step 5 – Create an attractive listing and make your first sale

The secret to online success with private label products is to get ahead of your competitors by creating an attractive and compelling listing on Amazon. This involves taking up-close and high quality images of your products and uploading them along with a thorough description. You should highlight all features of your product and price it fairly so that consumers from around the world would find it useful and buy it. Once you manage to make your first sale and possibly get a positive review by a customer, the road ahead becomes easy and success follows immediately.

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Private Label products have grown rapidly in recent years as more businesses and distributors realise the potential success and rewards offered. A brand is your distinction in the market place, it is not a logo nor an advertisement.