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reating a new product has never been easier. For over 15 years and across the globe, we’ve developed, manufactured and exported premium products, from herbal teas to health and beauty goods.

We are now working with people to give them the opportunity to put their own mark on them and sell them as their own. A logo, packaging, design – the ingredients can even be tailored for you – the ultimate goal is to help you create a product that is successful and you are proud of.

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We believe that in order to be your trusted partner, we need to communicate with you at every step of the way. As you will discover, we have many checks and balances in place to the point of being over-protective with your interests, after all, your success is our success. We also have a customer service team that is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.


Sales of private label throughout Europe and USA are at impressive record levels; private label market share is more than 40%. The global private label craze continues. Private label products have grown significantly in recent years with unprecedented demand. In store, private label brands have overtaken national brands in sales because they are similar, or better in quality, and also have greater competitive pricing.


Smart Sense has a proven record of helping individuals and businesses thrive – from our research and development, to our formula creations at the manufacturing stage, we are best positioned to guide our clients in this highly demanding field. There really is no need to reinvent the wheel; you can benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience, plus we have extensive quality control, competitive pricing and full research capacity, which you can benefit from.

Your brand

We keep abreast of global marketing developments which means we can help you have a distinct advantage over others with a highly professional marketing concept and brand creation service. Together, we’ll create your own exclusive design that you will have 100% exclusivity of. We can also supply you with all promotional advertising materials so that you will be fully armed to best communicate with your target audiences and give you tools to help create a brand that works.


We know the industries we work in and can help pass that knowledge on to you, to help you maximize your success in the market. For example, we are a specialized Private Label skin care manufacturer producing technically advanced, state of the art, natural skin care products primarily for Medi-Spas, Beauty Salons and Pharmacy chains. We manufacture them and wholesale them to skin care customers around the world and should you chose to market to this area, our experiences give us a real insight into how you can create an exclusive product for customers.


Our goal is to provide valuable private label services, which include ensuring the products get to market on time and on a budget, and support you in achieving success in the marketplace. We provide fast, flexible contract manufacturing, filling, formulation, packaging, and graphics support, through our highly experienced graphic designers. As specialists with over 15 years of experience, we act as an extension of your own company and provide you with the support you need to build a successful product.

How does it work

  • You will have control over pricing of product and service
  • We will help you create of a highly personalized image, ultimately leading to securing customer loyalty.
  • This is your brand and your business so you will be valuable in providing input, which may include additional materials, logos, tag lines, etc.
  • We will supply you with all promotional advertising materials so that you will be fully armed to best communicate with your target audiences.


About Us June 26, 2016
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Private Label products have grown rapidly in recent years as more businesses and distributors realise the potential success and rewards offered. A brand is your distinction in the market place, it is not a logo nor an advertisement.